About Us

COVID-19 pandemic, the worst scenario of our lifetime, could make another 25 million jobless. There will be a huge fall in consumption of goods and services of various sectors affecting the prospects for businesses and economies.

Till date there is no proper medical solution available for containment of this pandemic across the globe. Maintaining a robust immune system is the only way out to sustain in this deadly pandemic.

Holistic healing shall be a new mantra of our lives. Ayurveda & Yoga, an Indian ancient holistic way of healing, along with a proper diet, may be the solution for keeping us away from all kinds of deadly illnesses and lead a healthy and peaceful life.

To address both the issues, Health & Business prospects, Greenlife India has initiated DREAMZ NETWORK, a smart business network company dealing in Herbal Food Supplements. Now you can work when you want, where you want and with whom you want. You can still continue with your current businesses or jobs and work part time or full time to build a successful network.


Build a robust immune system

Create fairness & confidence

Restore, Rejuvenate & Relax

Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Achieve Success & Financial Freedom

“Make Dreams Happen”

About Greenlife India

GREENLIFE INDIA, founded by Manish Patre, basically, has been established with a clear vision to bring Ayurveda to the society in a modern form and unravel the mystery behind the 5000 year old system of treatment. This included referring to ancient ayurvedic texts, reconciling with modern science and selecting indigenous herbal extracts and formulations and providing alternate healing system to the people. The modern world under the influence of allopathic medicines has been made to suffer due to the in-numerous side effects of the modern way of treatment. It is our endeavour to make healing effective, safe and economical and strive to build the confidence and trust of the people. GREENLIFE INDIA deal in all products which are derived through years of primary research in a rigorous manner and produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. It represents the commitment to continuous investment in the best people, practices and technology. Raw materials at manufacturing units are sourced from the best plantations, from various parts of India. A team of dedicated Doctors and Technologists of the manufacturer ensure that raw materials and finished products undergo comprehensive testing.

Greenlife India used to export Herbal Supplements to London & Israel. We also imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Creta Island of Greece.